Kolari municipality release 20.3


Kolari municipality release 20.3

Kolari Municipality’s management group has updated guidelines for people in the Municipality’s area on 20 March 2020.

The healthcare centre is operating normally and will be handling all of the non-urgent matters by telephone or the virtu.fi-service.

  • Always call ahead before arriving to the healthcare centre reception. Only in the case of an emergency, is it permitted to arrive to the reception without calling first.
  • Pre-booked appointments in all of the healtcare centre facilities and services will be carried out as scheduled, unless otherwise specified (see below for information about dental services).
  • If you have symptoms of the flu, please do not arrive for your pre-booked appointment. Call and cancel, your appointment will be rescheduled.

The Municipality’s dental service will be rescheduling all of the non-urgent appointments, appointments where the patient has symptoms of the flu and also the appointments of people who are classified as being in the high-risk group. People concidered to be in the risk group are as follows:

People over the age of 70.

And people that have one or more of the following long-term illnesses/conditions:

  • A heart condition that requires regular medication(excluding minor blood pressure related symptoms)
  • A lung condition that requires medication regularly(for example those with asthma)
  • Diabetes that requires medication regularly
  • Chronic insuffiency of the liver and kidneys
  • An illness that has a great impact on ones immune system, for example: leukaemia, lymphoma, HIV-infection
  • You are receiving treatment/medication that deteriorates the immune system, for example: alpha-blockers, corticosteroid 15mg/per day for over 2-weeks, and other immune system deteriorating treatment.
  • Chronic neurological disease or a neuromuscular disease
  • Obiesity (BMI over 40)
  • People who smoke on a daily basis

Healthy children and young adults, who suffer from one or more of the aforementioned diseases or conditions, are not concidered to be in the high risk group, if their prescribed treatment is in balance.

Kolari Municipality will offer a grocery shopping service to the elderly in our area, who are being adviced to avoid contact with other people. (includes everyone over 70yrs of age).

  • The grocery shopping service will be operating during the state of emergency issued in our country (18.3-13.4.2020)
  • Everyone in need of this service can contact Teresa Friman tel. 040 489 5049, between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 3pm.
  • All of the customers of this service have the opportunity to open an account at the store, which will be used for invoicing all of the bought items.
  • For pharmaceutical needs, the customer can call the pharmacy and place their order. After doing so, call the grocery shopping service and make arrangements for a delivery. The invoice for the pharmaceutical items will be given to you upon delivery. Kolari Pharmacy tel. 040 528 5548
  • Schedule for the service is as follows:

Tuesday Kolari town centre
Wednesday Northern parts of the Municipality
Thursday Southern parts of the Municipality

All orders must be placed before 3pm, a day before the delivery takes place. A service fee of 5 euros per delivery will be applied to those in the Kolari town centre area and a fee of 10 euros per delivery for the other areas. This fee will be invoiced at a later date.

In a press conference held by the Finnish Govenement on 19 March 2020, Finlands Prime Minister - Sanna Marin said, that the Governement does not recommend travelling, even inside the country. Kolari Municipality is asking people to follow this recommendation.

The Kolari Municipality management group is actively monitoring the situation and will follow the information given out by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL, the Lapland Hospital District and the Finnish government. The next meeting by the Kolari Municipality’s management group will be held on 23 March 2020 at 8am by telecommunicating.

More information from: Mayor Kristiina Tikkala 044 374 4344