Kolari municipality release 18.3


Kolari municipality release 18.3

Kolari Municipality’s management group has updated guidelines for people in the Municipality’s area on 18 March 2020.

Schools and early childhood education:

• Pre-primary education will continue for the children of parents working in sectors critical to the functioning of society and for children whose parents can’t arrange other daycare. We do advice, that the parents who have the possibility to take care of their children at home will do so.

• If a child has the flu, he or she can return to daycare after recovering from the symptoms, without enforcing the 2-week quarantine.
• Beginning on 18 March 2020 there will organised after-school activities for students taking part in the pre-primary education organised in schools and contact teaching for grades 1–3.

• The town hall of Kolari Municipality will be closed until 13 April 2020. You can contact us through email and telephone. Customer service will be operating normally       between 9-11 am and 12-3pm. tel. 040 0107070
• Social services tel. 040 489 5550
• Building control authority tel. 040 0891773
• The municipality’s decision making will be operating normally, mostly by telecommunicating.
• Transportation for the elderly will be operating normally.
• The information and guidelines will apply until 14 April 2020, unless otherwise specified.

The Kolari Municipality management group is actively monitoring the situation and will follow the information given out by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL, the Lapland Hospital District and the Finnish government. The Kolari Municipality’s management group will meet every day at 9am by telecommunicating to monitor the situation, starting on Tuesday 17 March 2020.

More information from: Mayor Kristiina Tikkala 044 374 4344