Kolari Municipality release 13.3.2020


Kolari Municipality release 13.3.2020

In accordance with guidance issued 13.3, the Municipality of of Kolari has instructed all of its employees the following:

  • As far as possible to carry out all work remotely
  • Completely avoid travel and participation in gatherings. Participation in any gatherings should, as possible, be done remotely
  • With the appearance of any influenza symptoms, contact one's manager before arriving to work
  • Any employee arriving from outside the country should contact their manager before arriving at work an/or, for example, taking their children to care
  • Employees are instructed to actively familiarize themselves with guidelines issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL which include instructions and information about the novel coronavirus

Link to the relevant THL webpage in English:

How can every municipal resident slow the spread of infection?

  • Ensure good hand and cough hygiene
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Maintain at least a one-metre safe distance from anyone who has flu-like symptoms
  • Avoid crowds
  • Organize telecommunication for public events
  • Institutions are to instruct visitors to avoid visits to friends or family members if they have flu-like symptoms or have been outside the country during the previous two weeks

What do we know about the novel coronavirus?

  • The coronavirus is mainly transmitted in close proximity through respiratory droplets.
  • The virus can persist on surfaces and transmission is also possible through direct contact by touching hands or materials and surfaces contaminated by an infected individual's coughing.
  • Risk of infection can be reduced by good hand hygiene.
  • The incubation period, that is the time between exposure and the appearance of initial symptoms, is estimated at 2-12 days, on average 4-5 days. Rate of infection and the period during which the virus can be passed on are not yet precisely known.
  • Symptoms of those infected have included fever, cough, and breathing difficulties.

The municipality methodically ensures social welfare and healthcare services in epidemic conditions. Anyone who has returned from abroad and is showing symptoms of respiratory tract infection should contact healthcare services by telephone as soon as possible, and avoid going to work or entering crowds. The Kolari healthcare centre standby number is 040 489 5090.

The Kolari Municipality management group is actively monitoring the situation and will next meet on Monday 16.3.2020.

More information from: Mayor Kristiina Tikkala, tel. 044 374 4344