Kolari - From river to fells

Welcome to the pages of Kolari!

We are a vivid municipality in western Lapland, situated in the Tornio valley at the border to Sweden. Stretching over 2600 square kilometers from the untamed waters of Tornionjoki in the west to the gentle fell-mountains of Ylläs to the north-east, the municipality of Kolari also comprises of more than a dozen rural lake-side villages. And there, in the genuine and well preserved nature in combination with a traditional, living culture, lies our pride and joy.

The main village of Kolari was founded in 1867 – with its name presumably deriving from coal findings in the area – and has developed ever since into a thriving little town with well established connections across the border to Sweden, namely to the provincial capital of Pajala. Natural resources have always been of essence for the local inhabitants, and nowadays it is the visitors who may take advantage of – and be a part in - this rich heritage: Fishing, horse riding, sheep farming, tar burning and the century old tradition of reindeer herding.

Kolari, a municipality of just about 3900 inhabitants, has also achieved international reputation as the prime tourist destination in Finland – only half an hour from this country's northernmost railway station, you find yourself amidst the top destination of Ylläs – a gentle fell-landscape in summer, that turns into a pulsing skiing resort in the winter months.

But all this to say just one thing: Welcome to Kolari, between river and fells!