The main village of Kolari

Located along the shores of Muonio river, Kolari can easily be reached by railway, airplane or car. The train station of Kolari is the northernmost in the whole of Finland, and the only main destination beyond the polar circle, which lies about 150 Kilometers south of Kolari. Trains arrive up here three to seven times a week, more often during winter season, departing from Helsinki and traveling the distance of 925 kilometers in just one night.

In addition, the airport of Pajala in Sweden, a mere 40 Kilometers from Kolari, is about to be adapted for international flight connections. And daily flights from Helsinki and abroad to the neighboring community of Kittilä – just an hours travel by car away – provide for good connections.

Once well arrived in Kolari, you will find yourself in no lack of opportunities. All basic municipal services are available in the main village, such as hotels, restaurants and department stores, local handicraft shops, an ALKO-store, a pharmacy, the post office, banks, an extensive and well-equipped commune library, the public health care center and the police station.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the municipal office or the general tourist information for the Ylläs region - see also "Good links".